How To Read Wine Refrigerator Reviews

read wine refrigerator review

Looking for a wine refrigerator online can be a daunting task, especially if you have to wade through the hundreds or thousands of wine refrigerator reviews to find one you want. You want to find the right wine refrigerator that will keep your wine at the optimal temperature, but what temperature is that, exactly?

And what features should you be looking for in a wine refrigerator, and how do those differ from what you’d find in a wine cellar?

You’re fortunately not alone in your questions. We’ve prepared this article for you to learn how to read wine cooler reviews by the wine items so you can find the wine refrigerator that will best meet your wine drinking needs.

Why Do I Need A Wine Refrigerator?

The first question you should answer when looking through wine refrigerator reviews is, “Why do I even need a wine fridge?” Have you ever tasted a wine that was either too warm or too cold? Wine is enjoyed because of the wealthy and subtle flavours that differ from bottle to bottle, even in the same stock.

If your wine isn’t stored at the optimal temperature, you won’t be able to taste your wine properly. Your $300 bottle of wine might as well be something you’d pick up for $30 at a drugstore if you’re not going to enjoy it properly.

A wine refrigerator is not the same as a wine cellar, though. While a wine cellar is a place to store wines for years or even decades, a wine refrigerator is meant for short-term storage. Wine cellars protect your wine from humidity problems, ultraviolet light and even vibrations in the house to keep your wine in the best condition possible while it ages. Wine refrigerators only chill your wine for periods of less than a year.

Even though they’re not meant for long term use, wine coolers are best when used to store wine before serving temporarily. Using a refrigerator is a great way to prepare the wine before serving it to guests, getting the wine to the proper temperature for optimal enjoyment. Letting wine sit out in your room will cause it to get warm and unpleasant. Having the wine sit in your average refrigerator will cause it to be too cool, losing some of the flavours. Using a wine cooler means your wine will be exactly perfect for you and your guests to enjoy when you’re ready.

What Should I Look for in a Wine refrigerator?

When you’re reading through your wine refrigerator reviews, you should look for some criteria the reviewers use to evaluate each different model. You’ll want to look for more than just a stainless steel door on the fridge. Here are some of the things you’ll commonly see in reviews and what they mean.

Temperature Range

What is the temperature range of the wine refrigerator? Ideally, the wine cooler will have a range between 45 and 65 degrees, allowing you to set the exact temperature of your wine precisely. Since the primary purpose of a wine refrigerator is to chill your wine before serving, this feature is essential. Check the reviews and see what reviewers say about whether or not the temperature control worked as advertised.

Bottle Capacity And Price Per Bottle

As with anything, one of the things you’ll want to look out for when reading wine fridge reviews is how much the fridge costs per bottle of wine. The easy way to do this is to look at the expense of the wine cooler and divide that by the total capacity of wine bottles it holds. For example, if a wine fridge costs $500 and holds 50 bottles of wine, you’re paying $10 per bottle. This is a good way to compare different refrigerators to see how many features you’re getting for what you’re paying.

For example, you might find a smaller wine cooler that costs $300 and only holds ten bottles. That means it costs $30 per bottle of wine. A larger fridge could cost $700 and hold 100 bottles and have more features. Even though the $700 cost is more up front, you’re only paying $7 per bottle (versus the $30 per bottle price of the smaller unit) for more features. Use this method to compare different models.

You’ll also want to check the reviews to make sure the manufacturer claims about storage capacity are legitimate. Sometimes manufacturers tend to exaggerate when it comes to how many wine bottles their coolers hold, so check reviews to find out more accurate information.

Temperature Control

When reading reviews, look to see if the wine refrigerator cooled the wine properly. Did the model you’re looking at have overheating or under-heating issues? It’d be a shame to lose a bottle of wine because the fridge was so cold it cracked the bottle. Usually, reviewers of wine refrigerators will mention this information, so make sure to look for it. Sometimes companies make dual zone wine coolers which allow you to set multiple temperatures at the same time.

You’ll also want to see what the temperature range is for every fridge. Again, reviewers will mention their experience changing the temperature of the cooler, so see if the model you’re thinking about purchasing can change temperatures as needed.

Style and Durability

This is probably the least important feature (or most important, depending on your personal preference), but what is the style of the wine refrigerator? How does it look, and would it look nice in your home? Some wine coolers have more traditional looks while some seem to be pulled straight out of a science fiction movie. Read the reviews to see what people who purchased your unit say about the style.

Finally, you’ll want to check reviews to see how durable your wine cooler is. Reviewers often update their reviews after using bottle wine coolers for a while, so try to find reviews where the owner has given progress reports on the wine refrigerator’s durability. You should also see what owners said about how the wine coolers protect the bottles of wine.

Even though there are hundreds of options for you when shopping for a wine refrigerator model, by reading wine refrigerator reviews written by people who have purchased the wine fridges you’re thinking about buying you can know which wine cooler refrigerator you want to buy. You don’t have to be intimidated because you don’t know how to read a wine cooler review. By learning how to read wine refrigerator reviews with the tips above, you’ll know whether to get that Avanti wine refrigerator or the Haier wine cooler and whether dual zone coolers are worth the cost.

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