10 Tips to Get a Better Shaves Result

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This is a blog about male beauty and facial hair grooming. In this short post, we are gonna talking about some useful tips to get better shaving result.

  • Shave during or after a shower, so that hot water and steam open the pores and make the hair is soft to absorb the water. You will get a closer shave less skin damage.
  • Keep the skin wet, and also the blade. This creates a thin film of water between the blade and the skin causing it to slide better and less damaging.
  • Use hot water for shaving (not exaggerate, we will not cook a boiled egg) and wipe the face after shaving. Then used cold water to close pores, cool the skin and prevent bleeding if you did not have too pulse.
  • The shaving cream is not instantaneous effect, leave it on for a minute or two. It is also advisable to start with the most simple, as the sides of the face, and let the cream continue softening the hair more complicated parts, like the mustache or neck.
  • Spend your money in a good razor or beard trimmer. The difference between the brand disposable razor and a good day is abysmal. Really worth it.
  • Make sure the blade is sharp. You’ll never see a game in which the protagonist’s sword is chipped. Imagine what you could do with the necks of the enemies, and now think of the effects of a sharp blade is not on your skin. Worthy of a horror movie.
  • Shaving against the direction of hair growth provides better hurry, but also damages the skin more, and more likely to cut yourself. It is best to start for hair growth and shaving against in some areas only if absolutely necessary.
  • When finished washing the blade, but do not use cloths or towels to dry. If you do get to be sharp to stop quickly. Instead, just shake it a bit to leave the water.
  • Shaving damages the skin. You should use an after shave after shave. Make sure it does not contain alcohol. Not a good idea considering that at that time have irritated skin.

Have you thought about not shaving every day? The look “beard of two days” seems to work pretty well lately. Make sure, though, that your partner agrees.

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