Tips to Save Your Children from Being Victim of the Bite of a Dog

All the factors that can lead or end up in the harmful and aggressive behavior of the dog should be kept in mind by the dog owners, grandparents and more particularly parents of the young children, caregivers, babysitters and teenagers to avoid such situations.

There are more possibilities of the occurrence of damaging attack of the dog or bite injury if these factors are present in large numbers.

For instance, if a dog is chained or leashed consistently for long time then there can be great chances that the dog may lack the skills to behave with the people or/and become aggressive.

It is not surprising that the possibility of showing aggressive tendency is found more in male dogs and the percentage of their attacks and bites of adults and children is higher as compared to female dogs.

According to some other evidences it has been established that the number of dog bites and attacks increases considerably in the warm environment of summer months because of the outdoor presence of dogs and people in larger numbers than other months.

Most common and disturbing single cause of serious harmful attacks of the dogs and their deadly bites is the reluctant behavior of their owner. The dogs usually bite or attack on adults and children because they were not properly cared, supervised and trained by their owners. Every dog owner should keep this fact on top of their mind.

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I am willing to do whatever I can do, being a lawyer that handles the claims linked with the injury caused by the bite or attack of a dog and a father of two young children, to avoid my kids from being victimized by a dog and keep them safe.

I am aware that as a sibling, uncle, aunt, friend or fellow parent you are also willing to keep all the children safe in your life from the dangerous behavior of the dogs.

It is a very important goal to achieve to help all the parents, siblings and children. A list of things that all children should know about the dogs is compiled here under by me. It includes:

The dogs should neither be teased nor chased.

If you want to be introduced to the dog then you should wait for its adult owner so that he/she can introduce you properly.

If you want to pet a dog then before petting it yourself you should ask its owner for permission in this regard

The parents should also teach their children to first allow the dog to sniff their hand before they pet it, while waiting for the permission of the owner of the dog for petting it.

After getting the permission of the owner and allowing the dog to sniff your hand first you should pet the animal gently.

Adults as well as children should avoid petting a dog when it is sleeping or eating.

A dog having puppies should never be approached when it is nursing its puppies.

You should also avoid petting a dog when it is busy in playing with some toy.

You should never try to take away a toy from the dog specially made for it.

You should never be rough while playing with the dogs

You should teach your child not to run away if he is approached by a stray dog while playing or standing outdoors. Instead he should try to step back slowly. If he will run then the dogs always try to run faster than anyone. So it can attack on your child after chasing him.

Some dogs also bite or attack due to the following reasons:

The dogs are very possessive by nature so whenever someone tries to take something belongs to them they tend to bite or attack him. So you should never try to take away a toy from the dog, it is playing with.

The dogs also tend to bite or attack due to fear from unknown persons or things. So you should teach your children not to approach a dog they are not familiar with.

Even friendly dogs can attack or bite if they are suffering from pain caused by some chronic disease like severe otitis or hip dysplasia. In such condition you should guide your children to either handle the dog gently or stay away from their ailing parts.

Some dogs also tend to attack or bite after seeing a moving object like a moving cycle or running person as it gets encouraged to chase them. So you should instruct your children to stop and stand upright if they find a dog while cycling or running outdoors.

You as an adult should learn the things provided in this list and then teach these valuable tips to the children throughout your lifetime. It is supposed that you and your children will be able to avoid being victim of dog bite or attack once more.


You should use these tips actively to keep you and your children around the dogs safe from being victim of the bite of a dog. So instead of waiting you should learn these tips as soon as possible as nothing can be predicted about the occurrence of a dangerous emergency condition.

Apart from these facts female dogs are also likely to often bite the children and their guardians if they are fearful, poorly socialized and trained or dominant by nature.

The chances of experiencing dog bites, dangerous behavior or encounters can be significantly higher if in a yard there are two or more dogs but their owners are not present there.

The risk for dog attacks, mauling and bites can be much higher if the dogs are present in large number as it is directly related to the behavior of the pack.

A typically higher level of aggressive behavior is shown by the dogs that are not spayed or sterilized properly.

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